3-6 Decodable book

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For Students in grades 3-5


Decodable Information Sheet

Purpose of the Decodables • Designed to intensify instruction with the isolated phonics skill. • Used with the instructional Day 1 of the instructional protocol • Used by teacher or interventionist during small group instruction Alignment with the Reading Street RtI Phonics Mini-­‐lessons • Whole Number corresponds with the lesson sequence (e.g., 4 .1, 4 .2 , 4 .3) • Decimal number corresponds with the mini lesson within the lesson sequence (e.g., 4. 1 , 4. 2 , 4. 3 ) • Two passage choices for each skill • After lesson 19, some skills have only one passage option Routines to support the instruction can be found in the Small Group Instruction Manual: • Sound Fluency • Words Fluency • Phrase and Sentence Fluency • Connected Text Fluency The K-­‐2 and the 3-­‐6 books are identical with these exceptions: Lessons: 5, 6, 14, 15, 16, 17, 20, 21, 23, 24, 25 have additional skills and/or alternative skills sequence in the lesson.

Table of Contents Lesson & Decodable Alignment RtI Phonics Kit Grades 3-­‐5 Lesson 1

Short a 2 Short u Short e 3 m,s,t and short a Short i 4 Short vowels Short o 5 Blends 14 10.1: Long u 16 10.2: Long e (spelled i ) Blends 19 10.3: Long i Lesson 11 page Lesson 10 and r Blends

6 7


Lesson 2 2.1: Initial l 2 2: Initial s 2.3: Three-­‐Letter s Lesson 3 3.1: Final Blends nd, nt, mp, ft 3.2: Final Blends lt, ld, lp 3.3: Final Blends sk, sp, st Lesson 4 4.1: Consonant Digraph /sh/ sh 4. 2: Consonant Digraph /th/ th 4.3: Consonant Digraphs /f/ ph, g4 Lesson 5 5.1: More Consonant Digraphs /ch/ ch, tch

page 56

Mini Lessons

(spelled u_e) and Long e (spelled e ), Long o and Long e (spelled y

(spelled e_e) 55 ), and Long i ) Long a (spelled eigh) 58 (spelled o

21 11.1: Endings –s, -­‐es 23 11.2: Ending -­‐ed 24 11.3: Ending -­‐ing Lesson 12 26 12.1: Syllable Pattern VC/CV 27 12.2: Syllable Pattern V/CV 29 12.3: Syllable Pattern VC/V Lesson 13 30 13.1: R-­‐Controlled Vowel /är/ ar

60 61 62 65 66 68 70 71 72 73 74 76 78 80 82 83 84 85 87 89 91

5.2: Consonant Digraphs /hw/ wh 32 13.2: R-­‐Controlled Vowel /ŏr/ or, ore, oar 5.3: Consonant Digraphs /k/ ch, /sh/ch 34 13.3: R-­‐Controlled Vowel /ėr/ er, ir, ur 6.3: Final /ng/ ng and /ngk/ nk 38 14.3: Long a Phonograms 39 15.1: Long o Phonograms 41 15.2: Long o Phonograms 42 15.3: Long i Lesson 8 Lesson 16 8.1: Soft c Consonant Sound /s/ 44 16.1: Sound/e/ spelled ea 8.2: Soft g Consonant Sound /j/ 46 16.2: Sound /ů/ spelled oo,ou 8.3: Consonant Sound s /z/ 48 16.3: Sound / ē (spelled a_e) 49 17.1: Sound /ü/ spelled oo 51 17.2: Sound /ü/ spelled ew, ou (spelled o_e) 53 17.3: Sound /ü/spelled ue, ui Lesson 9 9.1: Long a 9.2: Long i 9.3: Long o Lesson 17 (spelled i_e) Lesson 6 6.1: Final /k/ ck 6.2: Final /j/ dge Lesson 7 7.1: Short a 7.2: Short o and i 7.3: Short u and e Lesson 14 36 14.1: Long e 37 14.2: Long e Lesson 15 (spelled ee, ei ) (spelled ea ) (spelled ai, ay ) (spelled ow, ou) (spelled oa, oe ) (spelled ie, igh ) / spelled ie, ey

Lesson 18 18.1: Vowel Diphthong /ou/ ou 18.2: Vowel Diphthong /ou/ ow 18.3: Vowel Diphthong /oi/ oi. oy Lesson 19 19.1: Sound /o/ spelled a, al 19.2: Sound /o/ spelled au, aw 19.3: Sound /o/ spelled augh, ough 20.3: Silent Letter /n/ spelled kn Lesson 21 21.1: Silent Letter /r/ spelled wr 21.2: Silent Letters /m/ spelled mb Lesson 23 23.1: Prefixes re-­‐, un-­‐ dis-­‐, pre-­‐ 23.2: Suffixes –er, -­‐or, -­‐al, -­‐less 23.3: Suffixes –ly, -­‐ful, -­‐ness, -­‐able Lesson 24 24.1: Syllables –tion, -­‐sion, ion 24.2: Syllables –ture, -­‐tive 124 24.3: Multisyllabic Words 126 Lesson 25 25.1: Endings –ed, -­‐ing : 128 25.2: Double Final Consonant Endings –er, -­‐est 129 25.3: Endings –ed, -­‐ing : Drop Final e 131 Lesson 20 Lesson 28 20.1: Sound /ə/ in First Syllable 102 28.1: Ending –es: 20.2: Sound /ə/ in Second Syllable 104 28.2: Ending –ed 106 28.3: Irregular Plurals 107 29.1: Contractions n’t, ‘m 109 29.2: Contractions ‘s, ‘d 21.3: Silent Letters /n/ spelled gn and /s/ spelled st 111 29.3:Contractions ‘re, ‘ve, ‘ll Lesson 30 22.1: Syllable Pattern C + le 111 30.1: Singular Possessives 22.2: Syllable Pattern VCCCV 113 30.2: Plural Possessives 22.3: Syllable Pattern CV/VC 116 30.3: Abbreviations Lesson 29 Lesson 22 117 119 121 123

Lesson 26 92 26.1: Plural -­‐s 93 26.2: Plural -­‐es 96 26.3: Plural f Lesson 27 97 27.1: Compounds 99 27.2: More Compounds 100 27.3: Compounds with a Longer Word Part or fe to v

132 134 136 138 140 142 144 145 147 147 151 153 155 156 157

Spelling Change y : Spelling Change y

to i

to i

Small Group Decodable Text Instructional Routine

Basic Guidelines: 1. The first reading of the decodable text should be guided by the teacher to ensure accurate reading of the text 2. Students should finger-point and read aloud while reading decodable text Immediate!Error!Correction!Routine!! 1. !! Intervene when an error is heard – Correct even the little words such as ‘a’ and ‘the’ to develop accurate reading skills 2. Provide Error Correction Support: To give the student the word, say: “My turn, that word is….” What word? “Go back and read again.” “Try that word again.” If the student is accurate say: “Now put it in the sentence.” If the student is inaccurate a second time say: “That word is …. What word? Now put it in the sentence.” 3. Reread the sentence--Upon correction of the word, reread the sentence to support comprehension and provide an opportunity to correctly read the word. 3. All errors are corrected using immediate error correction routine 4. Students are supported in developing fluent reading of the text 1. Using the word bank, on the front cover of the decodable, and sound spelling card, review the targeted phonics skill . Select 5-7 words and write them while students blend/read the words. 2. Write the high frequency words on index cards. Hold up each card, tell them the word and have students repeat the word. Then, mix up the cards and have students chorally read the words. 3. Next, have students chorally read each line of the word bank. Repeat if needed to build automaticity. To support student correction, say: ! Second/Third Read For the third read, have each student individually whisper read 3-5 lines of the text at a time. When they finish reading the assigned lines, have them place their finger where they stopped. When all students have finished reading, have them choral read the last lines read. Continue in this manner until the text is finished. Teacher models retelling the story in sequence. Then, have students practice retelling the story in sequence. Ask comprehension questions and have student find the answer or information that supports their answer in the text. Check Have students work in partners to do a fluency check. Reader 1 will start at the beginning of the text and read for 60 seconds. While Reader 1 reads, Reader 2 keeps track of any errors Reader 1 makes and helps to keep track of how far Reader 1 got in 60 seconds. Record their rate and errors on a fluency graph. Switch roles. Below Level: For the second read, have the students echo read the text. The teacher will read a sentence with good expression and intonation and students will echo what the teacher has read. Make sure students are tracking what they are reading with their finger. Comprehension Check On-Level or Above Level: Have all students chorally reread the text with a partner. Reader 1 begins reading alternating sentences/pages with Reader 2. On the third read, have Reader 2 start the reading. Pre-reading First Read 1. Read the title aloud. 2. Chorally read the text.


3-5 Decodable



Lesson 1 Common Letter-Sound Correspondences Short vowels a


Words to Read Jan can


hat tap


Pat with

cat a



6 12 15 21 24 31 33 39 42 48 53 58

Jan can bat with a hat. Dan can bat with a hat. Jan can pat. Jan can pat a cat hat. Dan can pat. Dan can pat with a fat hat. Jan can tap. Jan can tap with a hat. Dan can tap. Dan can tap with a hat.

Jan sat with a hat. Dan sat with a hat.


3-5 Decodable



Lesson 1 Common Letter-Sound Correspondences Short vowels e

Jeff the Cat Words to Read Jeff Leg


Deb Well the

yes Fed here

Pets to a

Bed likes den

Vet he

4 7 12 16 20 25 30 34 37 40 45 49 55 58 61

Jeff is a cat. Jeff sits here. Jeff naps on the bed. He likes the bed. Jeff licks a lot. He is licking his leg. Jeff is at the vet. Jeff gets his tags. He is well. Deb fed Jeff. Jeff ran to his mat. Can Jeff get here? Yes, he is in his den. Deb pets Jeff. He likes it.


3-5 Decodable



Lesson 1 Common Letter-Sound Correspondences Short vowels i

Did They Win? Words to Read Jill Jim

pick win the

did pig look

Pin Sit

in they

will to

Jill ran in. Jim ran in. Will they win?

3 6 9

Jill will pick. Did Jill win? Jill did win. Jill will win the pig. Jim ran.

12 15 18 23 25 28 31 37 41 45 46 49 52 55

Did Jim win? Jim did win. Jim will win the stick pin.

Jill ran to Jim. Jim ran to Jill. Look! Jill will sit. Jim will sit. They did win!


3-5 Decodable



Lesson 1 Common Letter-Sound Correspondences Short vowels o

The Box Words to Read Von box

hop Rod two

mop not three

hot job is

got a they

Dot the

Von got a big box. Von got in the box. Von can fit. Dot will hop in. Dot will sit in the box. Two can fit. Rod got in the box. Mop will hop in. Mop will NOT fit! Von will fix the box. It is a hot job. They got back in. Mop can fit! Rod sat in it. Three can fit.

5 10 13 17 23 26 31 35 38 42 46 51 56 60 63


3-5 Decodable



Lesson 1 Common Letter-Sound Correspondences Short vowel u

Duck Has Fun

Words to Read Duck fun


mud nuts bug the


hum pup tucks too



cups rug with

cut to a

suns they

Duck likes fun. Duck runs to Frog. They flop in mud. Duck hops in the tub. Frog hops in too. They hum. Duck runs with Cub. They pick up nuts. They drop nuts in the cups. Duck sits with Pup. They cut suns.

3 7

11 16 20 22 26 30 36 40 43 46 51 54 58 62 65

Duck spots Bug. They sit on a rug. They spin tops. Duck gets in bed. Mom tucks Duck in. Duck had fun.


3-5 Decodable



Lesson 1 Common Letter-Sound Correspondences Consonants m,s,t, Short a

I Sat

Words to Read Sam sat


I sat. I sat. I sat. I sat. I sat. I sat. Sam sat.

2 4 6 8

10 12 14


3-5 Decodable



Lesson 1 Common Letter-Sound Correspondences Short vowels

Gus Words to Read Ken pet

Pup six

Gus and fun hop job jog mat neck he

his got



big bell tell let bunk bed lick then

bag tug red well next pat hug

quick ran rang long it let is

can run did picnic

nap will was

5 9 14 18 25 29 37 40 45 48 51

Ken got a pet pup. Gus is his pup. Ken was not yet six and he got Gus. Gus was not yet big back then. Gus got big quick. Gus is not yet as big as Ken. Gus had fun. Gus can run and hop.

Gus is quick. Gus ran back.


3-5 Decodable



58 66 70 75 82 84 90 95 102 110 112 117 122 127 128 132 136

Gus can tug on his red bell. It can tell Ken to let Gus in. The bell rang and Ken did his job well. At the end of his long picnic and jog, Gus will nap on his mat. It is big and red. It is next to a bunk bed. Ken can pat Gus on the head, leg, and neck.

Gus will lick Ken back. Ken and Gus had fun. Ken will hug and pet Gus.

Ken had fun with with his big pup.


3-5 Decodable



Lesson 1 Common Letter-Sound Correspondences Short vowels

The Van Words to Read Bud had





van got tan bag yes to

big red box jam is he



bed pet not did gas

basket Rex ham will was

set cat fan run

Bud had to fit a lot in his van. He fit a big rug in it. Bud fit his big bed in it. Bud got a big red basket. He set a pet bed in the red basket. He fit the big basket in his van. Bud got a tan box. In it, Bud set a pet tub. Bud fit the tan box in his van.

9 16 23 29 37 38 46 51 58 66


3-5 Decodable



It sat on the red basket. Bud fit a pet pen in his van. Rex, his cat, was not in it. Bud fit a bag in his van. The bag had jam. It had ham. Bud had a big, big fan to fit in his van. Did it fit? Yes, Bud fit a lot in his van. Bud is in his van. Will it run? It will not! Sad Bud did not get gas!

72 80 87 94 98

101 110 112 115 123 128 131 134 140


3-5 Decodable



Lesson 1: Common Letter-Sound Correspondences Short vowels

What’s In the Sack? Words to Read Les got

big will



can in on pink ring his




fill hill gum it that

quick lock pack picnic

fit dad box the

rock kid bell when

Les got a big sack. Les can add a big tag. That big tag will tell Les what is in his big sack. Les will fill his sack quick and well. When can Les fit things in his big sack? Les had a red rock.

5 11 17 23 31 36 40 45 48 51 56 59

Les got it on a hill. Les got a big lock in his sack.


3-5 Decodable



Les can pack quick. Les got pink gum in his big sack. His pal got that in a big box.

63 67 71 79 83 87 91 97

Les got a bell in his big sack. His bell can ring. Les can ring his bell well. Les can fit it in his sack. Les will have fun on his quick picnic.

101 104 112


3-5 Decodable



Lesson 2.1: Initial Blends and Three Letter Blends l and r blends

Fran Goes to the Prom

Words to Read Fran frog


frills trim


grits slip drill




slap sled







Fran must go to the frog prom. But Fran does not have a dress with frills. Her dress is drab. Fran’s stepmom will not let her go to the prom. She has jobs for her to do. Fran has to dust the steps. Fran has to make grits and grill crab. Fran’s stepmom does not want Fran to go to the prom. “You cannot go to the prom unless you do your jobs,” she snapped. Fran was sad. Just then Fran saw a slim, trim, magic man. “I am Brad the magic man, “ he said with a grin. “I will get you to the frog prom.” With a slip and a slap, Brad did the jobs. He dusted the steps. He made the grits and grilled crab. “But I do not have a prom dress,” sniffed Fran. Brad made the best dress with frills. “But my slippers are too drab. They are a drag,” said Fran. Brad grabbed the slippers. With a spit and a spin, her made new red slippers. “I love the dress, “ grinned Fran. “But how will I get to the prom?” Brad got a grip on a drill. With a snip and a snap, he made a box into a sled. Brad grabbed a cat. With a slip and a slap, Brad made the cat into a horse. The horse trotted up to the sled.

13 25 40 52 63 74 75

88 101 115 126 138 150 160 171 184 198 211 224 229

3-5 Decodable



242 255 269 278

“You will take a trip to the prom on this sled,” Brad said. “Have a fun trip.” “You must be home at ten past ten,” Brad said. “If you are not, the sled will be a box.” The horse will be a cat. Your dress will be a rag.”

293 301

Fran was off on a trip to the frog prom. It was not a drag. And it was the best frog prom ever!

3-5 Decodable



Lesson 2.2: Initial Blends and Three Letter Blends S Blends

Jake’s Thrill

Words to Read street Ford squealed throw

cards must swung park

sports plans

store drive

square plate struggle

dream greeted sent squeak squeeze

split fly best splendid grinned

strike squinted

squiggle stopping thrill

throat smiled

spray hand

"Did you hear?" Kate ran down the street and into the house. "Jake, did you hear? Anton Ford is in town! He is going to sign cards at the sports store on Sunday." "You must be kidding," Jake squealed. "Anton is the best. He can throw. He hits home runs. I must see him. I am his biggest fan!" Jake made plans. "I will ask Mom to drive us to the square. There will be a line. I will take my cards. I will take my book about the team as well. I bet Anton will sign it. I will wait and wait. I will wait the whole day. Yes! I would even be willing to wait three days. Seeing Anton is a dream." Dreaming is just what Jake did. Anton was at bat. He swung. Strike one. Anton tipped the next pitch, but his bat split in two. Strike two. Then

9 18 30 33 39 49 59 69 81 92

105 115 124 133 142 152

3-5 Decodable



Anton hit it hard! Jake squinted to see it fly out of the park. Anton hit a home run. His team greeted him at home plate. Jake woke up. His throat was sore. He had to struggle to get out of bed. Mom said he was hot and sent him back to bed. "No, Mom I cannot stay in bed. Anton Ford is here. I need to see him. He can squiggle his name on my cards." "Kate can go, Jake. You must stay in bed." Jake moaned, "But, Mom, it is Anton. He is the best!" "No buts. Get in bed now, Jake." Mom said. "Use this spray. It will feel good." "Hello!" Mom answered. "Hello, is Jake in?" "Please wait. I will get him," Mom said. "Jake, it is for you." Jake picked up. "Yes, this is Jake." "Jake, this is Anton Ford." Jake could not believe his ears. "I met Kate and found out that you are ill," Anton said. Jake could just squeak. "Mom, Anton Ford is stopping by to see me. Is that okay?" "Yes, it is splendid, Jake." Jake smiled at Anton. Anton gave Jake's hand a squeeze. "It is a thrill to meet you, Anton." Jake grinned from ear to ear. "No, Jake, the thrill is mine. Meeting my

164 174 178 188 199 205 215 226 229 238 248 249 258 265 268 272 281 285 292 300 310 315 323 331 336 344 346 356 360 368

3-5 Decodable



biggest fan makes me happy."


3-5 Decodable



Lesson 2.3: Initial Blends and Three Letter Blends Three Letter Initial S Blends

Jen’s Sunglasses

Words to Read sunglasses stressed






streaming stranger splendid


Jen could not find her new sunglasses. Mom and Dad had just bought them for her. Jen got her three pals in a circle. "I am stressed!” she said. “I dropped my sunglasses in this baseball field. The string that held them on must have broken when I threw the ball. I should have used a leather strip instead of string." "Jen," Allie started to say. Jen kept talking. "Help me find them!" Allie did not say anything now but gave Mack and Ben a strange look and grin. Jen went on. "Let's split this field into squares. We will each take a square to look for my sunglasses. We will be a sunglasses-finding squad.” "Jen," Allie began again. But sentences kept streaming from Jen's mouth. “If we don’t find them, I will stick lost-and-found signs up. I will explain to Mom and Dad. They will not be thrilled, but I will be thrifty and save cash to get new sunglasses." "Jen!" Allie yelled. Jen looked at Allie. "What? Did you see a stranger

9 19 30 38 47 58 61 66 73 81 88 98

108 115

122 130 141 151 162 163 166 176

3-5 Decodable



take my sunglasses?" "No," explained Allie. "But I know where they are.”

179 188

Splendid!" squealed Jen. "Where?" "They are sitting on top of your head," explained Allie. Jen put her hand on her head… And her sunglasses. She squeezed Allie and said, “Thanks!”

192 201 211 218

3-5 Decodable



Lesson 3.1: Final Blends nd, nt, mp, ft

Grand Slam Tennis

Words to Read

Grant front blunt hands

Frank grunt lump




sent slant



planted sand


Grant and Frank were grand tennis players. They were the best in the land. They left to go to the big tennis Grand Slam. Frank had to play Grant to win. Fans came to see who would win the fund. Fran was in the front stands in the pink dress. Fran wanted Frank to win. With a grunt, Grant sent the ball over the net. Frank missed the ball. Grant blinked. Then, Grant sent the second ball over the net. Frank ran to the net. The ball landed in the sand with a bump. The pals stopped for a drink. “I feel like a lump,” said Frank. “Let me be blunt,” said Grant. “You do not stink. I think you are the best.” In the second set, Frank felt he played well. Grant planted a big hit. But Frank sent the ball back with a spin. Grant missed. Frank sent the last ball at a slant. The slant had too much spin for Grant. He missed the ball. Frank won one set, and Grant one set. The pals

8 21 31 40 51 62 71 81 93 94

106 116 123 133 145 156 167 168 178

3-5 Decodable



stopped to think. “Let’s end it. We will split the fund,” said Grant. The fans in the stands clapped their hands.

189 198 199

3-5 Decodable



Lesson 3.2: Final Blends lt,ld,lp

Wild Child

Words to Read

child bold


mind colt yelp


child hold help



scolded gulp



“Gulp,” said the wild child as she rode the colt. Her dad told her to mind, but the wild child was bold. Her scalp was red. The wild child did not want help. He yelled, “Go for the gold!” But no! The colt bolted. The child could not hold. Her dad scolded and scolded. The child became mild. He trotted to the post. Then he folded the rope and slid it onto the bolt.

9 19 28 37 39 47 54 62 72 74

3-5 Decodable



Lesson 3.3: Final Blends sk, st, sp

Lost in the Dump

Words to Read



west best mast gust











fast trust




Brent and I were on a quest for a ramp to make a bike jump. We did not want it to cost a lot, so we went to the dump out west. There was damp mist over the dump. “We must not get lost,” said Brent. “I do not want this task to last, not in this smell. It would be best to have a gas mask. We tramped over the dump, stomped past limp, lumpy stuff and a busted pump, and a lot of rusted cans. “See this mast?” I said. “It would make a grand ramp.” “That mast is bent,” said Brent. “I bet it would not last.” “See this bus bumper?” I asked. “Yes, but it is just a hunk of junk,” said Brent. I said, “We must get a ramp fast. The sun is setting and it will be dusk.” Just then there was a gust of wind. The blast dumped a stump onto Brent. “Help!” yelped Brent.

13 26 36 39 50 63 67 75 86 87 97

108 110 122 134 144 154 162

3-5 Decodable



The stump has trapped my leg.” I lifted the stump and held it up so Brent could get out. I felt Brent’s leg. “You have to rest,” I said. “Your leg has a big welt and a lump.” “No,” said Brent. “We have to get home. I can limp on my left leg.” “Can you step faster?” I asked. “I want to, but I am as swift as I can be with a bad leg. I cannot trust my leg,” he said. It was getting dark. I had to lift Brent. We could not go fast. It was as if the damp dump would not end. At last, we were home.

172 181 193 204 215 227 241 244 256 268 273

3-5 Decodable



Lesson 4.1: Consonant Digraph sh

Shep’s Wish

Words to Read Trish

Shep dash there


dish dish

flash shed

brush trash










The dog, Shep, wished for a good dish to eat. Trish left in a flash. Trish got a brush. “A brush?” said Shep, “I want a dish!” Shep made a dash to the shed. Is there a dish in the shed? “No!” said Shep. “I know,” said Shep “I can find a dish in the trash!” As Shep went to the trash, Trish said, “No, Shep! Do not eat the trash. Let me brush you.” Now Shep wished for a good dish to eat and wished that Trish would hush.

10 19 27 39 41 52 56 67 77 88 90

3-5 Decodable



Lesson 4.2: Consonant Digraphs th

A Biography

Words to Read biography shortstop show



childhood singer


teacher matches

king that change finishes thinking who are

those these path she which lived

fresh much south things do was

bath photos

photograph chose songs this

such birth you there

what were

Do you know what a biography is? It is a book, film, or TV show that tells the life story of a well-known person. That person can be a president, singer, teacher, kind, star shortstop, or Texas hero. Even if a biography is made for TV or film, it still start with a writer who studies much of a person's life. For example, say that a writer is studying Davy Crockett. She must find out things about Crockett's birth, childhood, teen years, and adult life. She must find out why Crockett did things that he did. She must find the truth. To find out these things, this writer spends much time reading and thinking about Davy Crockett. She studies times and places in which he lived. She matches those things to his life. An important part of Crockett's life was at the Alamo. Crockett battled and died there for Texas. The writer must find out why Crockett chose to fight. What path led him

14 26 35 47 60 62 72 81 92

102 112 120 130 134 144 154 165

3-5 Decodable



south to Texas? The writer must also find out why this battle took place at the Alamo. What change did both sides in the fight hope for? No matter is the biography is a book, TV show, or film, it helps if it has pictures that show the person. Davy Crockett lived before there were photographs. So a writer of his story might show old paintings of him and photos of the Alamo and other such places in his life. Writing a biography about Davy Crockett might be hard because there are many books about him. There are also films, TV shows, and even songs! The writer must hope that when she finishes her study she has fresh things to say. If you had a choice, would you write a biography or have one written about you?

177 188 192 205 216 227 238 249 258 269 279 292 302

3-5 Decodable



Lesson 4.3: Consonant Digraphs ph and gh

Gramps’ Photos

Words to Read Stephen Phil

helping photographs pick

checked through

Stacks ago

photos will

nephews were

dock this





Gramps had a big birthday this month. Mom planned a surprise party. Twins Stephen and Phil were helping. “We will sort through old photographs of Gramps,” explained Mom. “We will pick good photos for his party.” Stephen and Phil checked stacks of photos showing Gramps, his brother and sisters, his kids, grandkids, and nephews. Mom found photos for him from long ago in the country. Stephen felt the best photo showed Gramps fishing on a dock. Phil picked on that showed Gramps singing on stage. The old photos made the twin laugh. They made mom feel both happy and sad. Suddenly, a bell rang. It sounded like Mom’s phone ringing. No, it was the bell by the door. Stephen looked out the window. It was Gramps! Phil hid the photos as Gramps came in. Wow! That was close!

10 19 27 36 44 53 64 73 84 94

100 109 121 132 138

3-5 Decodable



Lesson 5.1 More Consonant Digraphs Ch, tch

Chet Checks

Words to Read Chet things finish shell shrimp trash shelf Bench pitch catch with catching sixth Beth pitching fresh finished itch you shelling shopped one white checking Chet kept a list of things to finish. It had five things. 1. Help Mom shell shrimp. 2. Shop with Dad and get lunch stuff. 3. Set trash out.

9 12 17 24 25 29 36 42 46 52 59 66 70

4. Dust shelf and bench in den. 5. Pitch and catch with Beth. When Chet finished shelling shrimp, he grabbed his white pen with red ink. It was his checking pen. Chet made one check next to "Help Mom shell shrimp."

3-5 Decodable



76 81 89 95 96 101 107 115 123 131 138 139

Later Chet checked that he had shopped. Then Chet checked that he set the trash out and dusted in the den. Dust made Chet's nose itch. Pitching and catching with Beth was fun. When he had finished, Chet checked it on his list. As Chet made his check, his pen ran out of ink. "You must add a sixth thing to that list," said Beth, "Get a fresh pen!"

3-5 Decodable



Lesson 5.2 More Consonant Digraphs wh

Will the Whale

Words to Read white whale fish splashing with thenme splash tell when white this let ship (s) by friend shrimp that match about Let me tell a tale about Will the white whale.

5 10 17 22 27 32 37 43 47 53 57 61

Will is as big as a bus, but he is quite nice. Will is not a fish, but he swims like one. He likes swimming on his back and splashing with his fin. Will likes jumping up. Then he makes a huge splash.

Will has fun gliding on the wide waves. When the wind

3-5 Decodable



69 72 78 82 85 90 93 98 102 106 113 117 120 124 127

stopped and this ship got stuck, Will helped. Will pulled it to the dock. Sid the Shrimp is his best bud. Big Will hides Sid from big hunting fish. Will got a friend that is a fine match. His name is El. Will is glad that he met El. Will and El splash side by side. They wave to ships that pass them.

3-5 Decodable



Lesson 5.3 More Consonant Digraphs ch as /k/ and /sh/


Words to Read Shasta Michigan Beth champs Cher she each finish together that when pitches onewho athlete rushes have weather trophy of coach The said much machine been ache stomach Shasta, Beth, Cher, and I run each day. We joined the track team together. We train after school. We run even when the weather is wet and cold. We are training for the big race and we hope to be this year's Michigan state champs! We run on the relay team. In a relay race, runners wait at different places around the track. As one runner races up, she hands a stick to the next runner, who takes off as fast as she can. The last runner sprints for the finish line. Beth is the fastest I have seen. She can take off in a flash -­‐ like a rabbit! Beth just came to

9 17 26 36 45 55 63 74 84 92 102 114

126 139 149 150 158 167 178 187 198 205 215 224 232 242 251 262 272 282 292 300 311 320 331 339

our class this year, but she fit in well on our team. I am glad she is here. So is the rest of our team! Beth's speed will help our team do well in that race. Shasta is the best athlete on this team. She was a state running champ last year, but she has never been on a relay team. She is afraid of dropping the stick as she runs. Our coach told Shasta not to thing about it too much. She is going to be fine as she races! Cher is the best at sprinting. She will be our last runner. She looks like a machine when she is running. She goes high speed and nonstop! Cher plays a lot of sports when she is not running. She is a pitcher and a swimmer too. I just run because I like it! I think about flying when I am running. It is nice when gentle wind rushes by my ears. Our coach said that helps me run well. When we enjoy our training, we can do our best and not make our stomach ache. This is the day of our big race! Our team has trained for weeks. Our coach thinks that we will win that trophy if we do our best and help each other. That is our goal. We cannot wait!

Lesson 6.1: Final Digraphs and Sounds Final /k/ ck Buck, Jack and Vicki

Words to Read cricket






clacking racket

neighbor shack

black chick









Buck is a cricket. Buck lives with a pack of crickets. They live in a stack of grass. Buck was not like other crickets. He did not go click, clack, click. Instead, Buck went clack, clack, clack. Other crickets made fun of Buck and his clacking. This made Buck sad. The other crickets said, "Buck makes too much racket." Buck was so sad and he went home. Buck’s neighbor Vicki was a chicken. Vicki lived in the shack next to the lake. She did not go cluck, cluck, cluck, like the other chickens. She went click, click. Jack the black duck lived on the pond next to Vicki the chick. Jack was not like the other ducks. She went cluck, cluck. Vicki, Jack and Buck all were teased by their friends. They all felt sad. One day the three of them met. They all went to Vicki’s shack. They came up with a plan. They went to the vet. Buck Vick and Jack all go the vet to give them a quack, click and cluck.

12 25 35 45 55 66 76 88 98

110 121 132 135 147 159 172 175

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Lesson 6.2: Final Digraphs and Sounds dge

Madge’s Badge

Words to Read badge ridge Madge lodge

dodge judge

ledge edge





wedge smudge


If Madge wants a badge, Madge must win. Madge must trudge on a bridge to the edge of a cliff. Then Madge can sit in the lodge and rest. At the lodge, Madge will have a wedge of fudge and get the badge. Madge’s sister Midge made the fudge. The fudge had a smudge on the top. Midge did not like the smudge and wanted to throw the fudge over the ledge. She had pledged to Madge that she would bring the fudge. She did not throw the fudge over the edge of the ledge. When she met Madge at the lodge, she helped her sister eat the fudge until they were so full they could not budge.

8 19 29 39 47 57 66 75 85 95

104 115 118

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Lesson 6.3: Final Digraphs and Sounds Final /ng/ng, and /ngk/nk Midge the Big Dog

Words to Read Midge

yank sing king stink

sank honk bring leash

think junk bank finally


bang skunk geese


leash knows

Midge is a big dog. Jack walks her. But Midge is too big! Jack may think that he is walking Midge, but Midge walks Jack! Jack has to yank on the leash to bring Midge to the park. When Midge gets to the park, she hears the honk of geese. Bang! Midge is off. Jack tries to bring her back with a yank. Midge quickly stops. Midge smells a skunk. Midge sank back to the riverbank. Midge does not like skunk. She knows that the skunk could make her stink. Now Midge slows down. Jack can finally put the ring at the end of the leash around his arm. Jack wants to bring Midge back to his house. Midge sees some junk. Midge wants to chew some junk. Midge puts her nose in the junk. A ring is on her head. It makes her look like a king. Jack finally gets Midge to go with him. He is glad that Midge walks. Midge is such a big dog!

13 24 37 49 61 71 82 92

105 116 126 140 152 165 168

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Lesson 7.1: Short Vowel Phonograms Short a Phonograms

Nat, Nan and Sam

Words to Read sand



Stan high

Matt hand

Nat had land

Nan sad

Sam mat







Nat and Nan stand in sand. Nat and Nan look at water. Nat and Nan watch.

6 12 16 23 30 33 39 43 47 53 59 64 69 73 79 85 88 91 94 99

Nat and Nan watch Stan and Matt. Nat and Nan watch Dan and Tad. Tan Sam sat

Tan Sam sat at a mat. Nat and Nan watch. Look at sad Sam!

Sad Sam is in high water! Nat and Nan see sad Sam! Nat is in high water. Nat’s hand had sad Sam. Nat had sad Sam! Tan Sam sat at a mat. Tan Sam sat at Nat’s hand. Nat had Sam. Sam is Nat’s pal. Sam sits still. Sam sits at Nat’s lap.

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Nat had a cap It hits land. Can Sam get it? Sam did it! Nat’s cap hits water. Can Sam get it? No! Sam is sad Sam does not like water. Nat asks Nan, “Can I get Sam in water?” “Stand in water, Nat,” Nan said. Nat did, and Sam ran in water at last! Nat’s cap sits in water. Can Sam get it? Sam ran and bit it. Sam did it!

103 106 110 113 117 121 122 125 130 139 145 154 159 163 168 171

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Lesson 7.2: Short Vowel Phonograms Short i, o


Words to Read quitter Tom

quit hut one








queen cannot




“Are you a quitter?” said Quinn? “I am not a quitter,” said Tom “Can you run to the bin?” Said Quinn? “Can you run and not quit?” “Yes, I can run to the bin?” “I will not quit.” “Can you make a big red quilt?”

6 13 21 27 34 38 45 55 66 70 74 86 90 96

“Can you make a big red quilt and not quit?” “Yes, I can make the big red quilt and not quit. “ “I will not quit.” “I can make it!” “I can hop to the queen’s hut on one leg said Tom.” “I will not quit.”

“Can you race the mad dog?” I cannot race the made dog. “I cannot and I will not.” I quit!

102 108 110

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Lesson 7.3: Short Vowel Phonograms Short u, e

Gus Words to Read Ken pet


Gus and fun hop






big bell tell let bunk bed lick then

bag tug red well next pat hug as

quick ran rang long it

can run did picnic nap will he

job jog mat neck

let his to

was with

Ken got a pet pup. Gus is his pup. Ken was not yet six and he got Gus. Gus was not yet big back then. Gus got big quick. Gus is not yet as big as Ken. Gus had fun. Gus can run and hop. Gus is quick. Gus ran back. Gus can tug on his red bell. It can tell Ken to let Gus in. The bell rang and Ken did his job well. At the end of his long picnic and jog, Gus will nap on his mat. It is big and red.

5 9

14 18 25 29 37 40 45 48 51 58 66 70 75 82 84 90 95

3-5 Decodable



It is next to a bunk bed. Ken can pat Gus on the head, leg, and neck.

102 110 112 117 122 127 128 132 135

Gus will lick Ken back. Ken and Gus had fun. Ken will hug and pet Gus. Ken had fun with his big pup.

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Lesson 8.1: More Consonant Sounds Soft consonant sound /s/ c

A Force in the Dirt

Words to Read Ace


Grace mince prince

officer spaces


force cinch

notice place


princess circle



peaceful face

Greetings, readers! It’s Ace Reporter here. This morning, we are down in the dirt! And we have a chance to chat with Grace. Grace is an officer of the dirt. She is at the center of the important jobs here. Ace Reporter: Please tell us, Grace. What important jobs do you and your force perform each day? Grace: We do so much down here! You may not notice us down in the dirt, but we perform important jobs each day. Grace: Remember the leaves and plant that fell? If we did not do our job, all those leaves would stay where they fell. Our job is to eat that dead stuff up. We mince it up and turn it into rich dirt. Grace: We make tunnels in the dirt, too. These little spaces help plants live well. This does not cost a single cent! And let me tell you, Ace. This is a hard job. It is not a cinch. Ace Reporter: I just glanced around. And I can tell that this is no simple task. Will you take us around this place? Grace: No problem, Ace. It is not a big place. It is not like the home of a prince or princess.

8 21 23 37 40 47 55 65 76 77 86 98 99

113 118 127 132 145 155 164 176 188 196

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Grace: We eat leaves and logs. We make the dirt rich. Then, little trees will begin a life in the rich dirt. It is a circle that happens again and again. Ace Reporter: Grace, before I head back up, do you have advice for those on top of the dirt? Grace: Look before you dig so you do not disturb us! That would make life nice and peaceful. Ace Reporter: Thank you, Grace. And thanks to your force, too. Let’s face it. We need you in the dirt!

206 221 226 234 243 253 260 267 278

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Lesson 8.2: More Consonant Sounds /j/ g

Uncle Gene

Words to Read Gene

gingerbread giant

birdcage bulging

Roger huge Earth

urgent catch geode




supposed present





“Hello, Roger!” said Uncle Gene. “I have an urgent matter to share with you, if I could just remember it!” “Uncle Gene!” said Roger. “What was it?” Uncle Gene asked. “A gingerbread man ran away! You may need to help catch him.” “Uncle Gene!” said Roger. “Maybe not,” Uncle Gene said. “There is a giant tomato bulging from the birdcage!” “Uncle Gene!” said Roger. “Well, I’m thinking,” said Uncle Gene. “What could that urgent matter be? I remember! I am supposed to give you this present.” Roger smiled and grabbed the present. “Great, Thank you,” he said. “Open it up!” said Uncle Gene. “There are no germs on it.” Roger opened the present. Inside was a rock. “Gee!” said Roger. “It is shaped like the Earth.” “It is not quite as large,” said Uncle Gene. “I need a sock and a hammer.” Roger did not understand this. “Place the rock

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107 117 128 139 142 150

3-5 Decodable



inside the sock,” said Uncle Gene. “That will keep you from danger.” Uncle Gene said, “I will hit the rock with the hammer. I will be gentle.” “But that will hurt the rock!” said Roger. Uncle Gene had a huge grin. So Uncle Gene gave the rock a gentle tap. It broke apart. Roger got it out of the sock. “It’s great!” said Roger. “What kind of rock is this?” “It is a geode,” said Uncle Gene. “What is a geode?” asked Roger. “It’s a kind of rock,” said Uncle Gene. “It’s from space.” “Uncle Gene!” said Roger. “Did I say from space?” said Uncle Gene. “I mean that it has an open space and a gem inside.” “We can have it for lunch,” said Uncle Gene. “With a giant tomato,” said Roger. “Wait!” said Uncle Gene. “That does not make sense! And it’s what I was going to say!”

160 162 172 177 185 191 202 210 220 227 233 243 244 248 258 268 277 283 291 300

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Lesson 8.3: More Consonant Sounds /z/ s

Dogs with Bells

Words to Read Dogs












hear with


you with




Dogs like balls with bells. Dogs can use the bells to hear the balls. As the dog hears the ball, he moves to it. The balls with the bells roll fast. The dogs use the bells to move fast. As you see, the bells are good for these dogs. 5 14 24 31 39 49

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Lesson 9.1: Long Vowels Long a (spelled a_e)

Kate’s Picnic

Words to Read Kate


made cape safe come

bake gave wave to

plate take game his


came make be

ate are little

Kate and her pals are planning a picnic. The picnic will be in Kate’s backyard. Jane and Jan will come. Kate made sandwiches. Her mom baked cornbread. Jan will bring apples. Jane made punch to drink. Kate set plates on the table in the shade. Then Jane and Jan came! Kate’s little brother came, too. Damon had on his cape and his acorn cap. “No, Damon!” yelled Kate. “This picnic is for girls!” “I am Picnic Man!” said Damon. “I will make the picnic safe! I want apples! I want sandwiches!” “Damon, you are just a little kid,” said Kate. “You can’t come to this picnic.” Damon felt sad. “I never get to have fun with Kate,” he said. And then he went away. Jan whispered to Jane. Jane whispered to Kate. “Come back, Damon!” Jan said. “You can come to the picnic!” “I can?” asked Damon. “Thanks!” Damon gave the girls a big grin. He ran back to the picnic. “Take a sandwich, Damon,” said Kate.

12 20 27 36 48 50 60 64 73 84 91

102 106 109 122 124 132 142 143 148 160 161 167

3-5 Decodable



“Take an apple,” said Jan. Damon ate and drank a cup of punch. Mom came and cut the cornbread. “Damon, did Kate ask you to her picnic?” Mom asked. She gave Kate a wink. “Yes!” said Damon. “I am Picnic Man! I make the picnic safe!” Damon and the girls had fun. After a game, Jan and Jane had to go. Kate and

172 180 186 196 201 212 213 219 230 238 247 256 263

Damon waved. Jan and Jane did the same. Kate helped Dad take in things from the yard. “You did a caring thing for Damon,” Dad said. “He’s just a little kid,” said Kate.

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Lesson 9.2: Long Vowels Long i (spelled i_e)

Five Gifts for Mike

Words to Read five


ride mile



hike time to one


white dime they

dive hide little

smile along

shine first

Mike and Kim like to ride bikes. They ride to the park, and Gran rides along. Mike, Kim and Gran lock the bikes. They like to hike to the pond. They hike in a line. They hike for a mile. Gran is first and then Kim and then Mike. Five white ducks swim in the pond. The ducks quack and dive. They nibble insects. Fins make ripples on the pond. “Which kinds of fish swim in the pond?” asks Mike. Gran tells Mike, “That kind is a sunfish, and the black fish is a catfish.” “I like the catfish best!” yells Mike. The fish swam and hid under a rock. The next time they ride, it is just Kim and Gran. Mike is sick. He must rest in bed. Kim tells Gran that she misses Mike. “We can find a gift for Mike,” Gran tells Kim. “Yes!” smiles Kim. “I will find him one!” Kim thinks of gifts that Mike will like. She picks up a rock that shines in the sun. Next Kim finds a little tan shell. These are things that make Mike smile.

13 16 28 30 44 49 60 64 70 80 93 95

102 110 123 129 136 146 154 167 172 183 185

3-5 Decodable



Then Kim finds a big white feather. She gathers a nut, and she picks up a dime. Kim has five gifts that Mike will like. Kim and Gran take the gifts to Mike. But first Gran must make a quick stop. “Mind if I make a card for Mike?” asks Gran. “He likes catfish. I will give him one.” Kim hides Mike’s gifts in a tin box. Kim gives Mike the box of gifts. Gran hands him the card. “You gave me the park!” Mike grins.

196 210 222 226 238 244 252 264 271

3-5 Decodable



Lesson 9.3:Long Vowels Long o (spelled o_e)

The Mole Zone

Words to Read hole


Mole Cole thinks little

nose hose when





bones over

are to


It is a fine morning. The sun is shining. The birds are singing. Dad is going to get the paper. “This is the best yard on the block,” Dad thinks. “The grass is perfect, and the garden is lush.” That is when Dad spots the hole. Next to the hole is a dome of dirt. “No, no,” he mutters, “not a mole!” “A mole will not stop at a single hole. This mole must go, and it must go now.” “Mr. Mole you have got to go now!” Dad yells. But Mr. Mole is not at home. The mole is rolling over the grass. It is headed for the garden! The mole heads under the gate. Over the hedge jumps Bandit the cat. “Go, Bandit, Go!” yells Dad. “Get that mole!” At that, Old Buster the dog wakes up. “Bark at that mole, Buster!! Send him packing!” Old Buster trots over and sniffs the mole. Both Bandit and Buster like this thing. Bandit gives it a lick. Old Buster and the mole are nose to nose.

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109 110 120 123 131 139 147 155 167 176

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