Butler ES Family Handbook

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Butler Elementary Family Handbook 2019-2020

Family Handbook 2019-2020

Butler Elementary School 2700 East 7200 South, Cottonwood Heights, UT 84121 School Office Hours: 8:00 am – 4:00 pm Phone: (801) 826-7975 ​ · ​ Fax: (801) 826-7976 http://butler.canyonsdistrict.org Principal: Jeff Nalwalker Administrative Assistant: Teresa Draney 1

Butler Elementary Family Handbook 2019-2020

Table of Contents Principal’s Welcome


Fall PTA Fundraiser

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Spring School Fundraiser

About Butler


Student Council Charity Fundraiser


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Nutrition and Health



School Lunch 13 Birthday and Party Snacks 13 Medication 13 Student Conduct 14 Attendance 14 Dress Code 14 School Rules 14 Safety Before and After School 14 Bicycles/Skateboards etc. 15 Severe Behavior Policy 15 Discipline Procedures 15 Dress Code Discipline 15 Butler School Policies 16 Attendance 16 Safe Arrival 16 Loading/Unloading 16 Late Arrival 16 School Day Appointments 17 Lost and Found 17 Visitors 17 Moving 17 Emergency Preparedness 17 Phone Use / Cell Phones 17

School Website & Facebook Butler School Messenger

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Talking with the Principal

School Instruction Hours


Language Arts, Reading & Math


Social Studies

Physical Education & The Arts

Building Leadership Team




Literacy 7 SRI 7 Mathematics 7 Standardized Tests 7 End of Level 7 Report Cards/Conferences 7 Special Programs 8 French Dual Language Immersion 8 Brain Booster (including Library) 8 Computer Lab 8 Special Education Services 8 Speech and Language Services 8 Reading Intervention 9 Student Council 9 Be Involved at Butler ​ 10 Parents with a Purpose 10 Room Representatives 11 Parents in the Classroom 11 Butler PTA 11 School Community Council 11 Canyons Board of Education 11

School & District Policies


Safe Walking Route Parking Lot Procedures


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Building & Grounds Security 2019-20 School Calendar District Attendance Procedures Environmental Request Policy

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Fundraisers and Events Box Tops for Education

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Butler Elementary Family Handbook 2019-2020

Principal’s Welcome

Dear Parents, Welcome to Butler Elementary! I feel lucky to be a part of this awesome community of students, families, teachers and education support professionals. I am sure you will be impressed as I am at the level of commitment the Butler staff has to help each child achieve, feel successful and love school. I encourage each of you to get involved and look forward to working with you to help your child have a great experience at Butler. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the office, I would be glad to speak with you by phone or in person. I invite you to stay up-to-date on all Butler happenings by providing an email address to the office so you can receive our weekly bulletin, bookmarking our school website at the link below and “liking” us on FaceBook (link below).

Sincerely, Jeff Nalwalker Principal

About Butler Our caring faculty works diligently to prepare our students for middle school and beyond. The Butler Elementary Building Leadership Team (BLT) helps guide decisions and develops school policy. We have an excellent, active PTA and wonderful parents all around that share their time and talents volunteering in our classrooms. We also have a school community council that helps guide decisions that serve our students. I hope you can find the time to join and support the causes of our great volunteers.


Butler Elementary Family Handbook 2019-2020

Communication Communication is critical for success. Watch for these items to keep up on what’s going on. Email The Faculty at Butler has been directed to check their email daily. While it is not always possible to respond immediately to emails, teachers will do their best to respond in a timely manner. If you have an urgent issue that needs to be addressed immediately, please call the front office for assistance. School Website & Facebook Page Our school website is an excellent source for everything you need to know about Butler. Visit our website regularly to get up to date information about Butler, the PTA, and the School Community Council. You can also “like” us on Facebook to keep up with school events. ✔ http://butler.canyonsdistrict.org ✔ https://www.facebook.com/ButlerElementarySchool/ Butler School Messenger Automated notifications will be sent out on occasion to assure that parents are aware of important information and events. This is the best way to stay informed about all of the great things happening at Butler Elementary. ​ Please include your email address on your child’s registration card. ​ These messages can be sent to by audio recording to single or multiple phone numbers, text messages and email. You can choose to have alerts sent any way you like. You can even receive alerts by all three methods. If wish to receive automated alerts, call the office to verify that we have all your information on file. Speaking/Meeting with Your Child’s Teacher The faculty at Butler is always open to input and encourage you to write or call for a conference whenever you have ideas or concerns. Although it is difficult for teachers to have extended conversations during school hours, they are eager to address concerns and questions early, before they become problems. Speaking/Meeting with the Principal Mr. Nalwalker has an open-door policy. Parents with concerns or suggestions can call, write a note, or send an email to the principal, who is committed to providing a timely response. Drop by whenever you like. If Mr. Nalwalker is not available, you can make an appointment.


Butler Elementary Family Handbook 2019-2020

School Instruction Hours Please make sure that your student arrives on time each day and that you make arrangements for students to leave immediately after dismissal. Regular School Hours: Monday-Thursday Grade First Bell Tardy Bell Dismissal Bell Sup-K & 1 ​ st ​ -5 ​ th ​ Grade 8:20 8:25 3:00 AM Kindergarten 8:20 ​ 8:25 11:05 PM Kindergarten 12:20 12:25 3:00 Short-Day Schedule: Fridays Every Friday school is in session will be a short-day. When there is no school on Friday, short-days will not be moved to another day of the week with the exception of parent-teacher conference weeks. During parent-teacher conferences, Thursday will be a short day.


First Bell

Tardy Bell

Dismissal Bell

Sup-K & 1 ​ st ​ -5 ​ th ​ Grade AM Kindergarten

8:20 8:20

8:25 ​ 8:25 11:25



PM Kindergarten



Lunch & Lunch Recess



1 ​ st ​ Grade 2 ​ nd ​ Grade 3 ​ rd ​ Grade 4 ​ th ​ Grade 5 ​ th ​ Grade

11:25-12:05 11:35-12:15 11:45-12:25 12:00-12:40 12:10-12:50 12:20-1:00

Supplemental Kindergarten (Full-Day Students)


Butler Elementary Family Handbook 2019-2020

Curriculum The Utah State Office of Education establishes our core curriculum in each subject and at each grade level. For more information about Utah’s Core Curriculum and additional resources to support your child’s education, please visit these USOE links: English Language Arts ​ : ​ https://www.schools.utah.gov/file/84aff25d-bc58-4226-96f2-29f240cdc2bd Math ​ : ​ https://www.schools.utah.gov/file/6cfa25d8-1c5b-4b87-9ee0-c02221e15f92 Teachers at Butler Elementary use a variety of district-approved textbooks and programs in order to teach the Standards and Objectives outlined in the Common Core State Standards and the Utah State Core. Language Arts, Reading & Mathematics For more information about the standards taught in Canyons School District, please visit the “ ​ I-Canyons ​ ” Parent Toolkit at ​ http://i-canyonsparenttoolkit.canyonsdistrict.org Here you will find our report card along with descriptions of the standards your student should be learning listed by grade level. Many standards listed here include activities and other suggestions based on whether or not your student has mastered each concept. Science Through experiments and demonstrations, students have the opportunity to experience science hands on. In addition to traditional science instruction, teachers often use technology to enhance their instruction. Students have access to many additional resources to expand their learning on their own through our school library. Social Studies The Social Studies curriculum is organized around the child’s expanding world. Primary curriculum is most focused on their families, neighborhoods, and community; Intermediate grades expand to help students understand the history of our state, nation, and world.

Physical Education & the Arts Students will also engage weekly in physical education and the arts, including music and other art forms.


Butler Elementary Family Handbook 2019-2020

Butler Building Leadership Team (BLT) The Butler Building Leadership Team or BLT is made up of one teacher from each grade level, the school achievement coach and the principal. The BLT examines trends in student achievement and behavior as well as school climate. They use this information to guide and develop school policy and procedures. The 2019-20 BLT members are:

1 ​ st ​ Grade: Julien Naudot 3 ​ rd ​ Grade: Aubrey Doyle 5 ​ th ​ Grade: Kim Cope Principal: Jeff Nalwalker

Kindergarten: Erica Johnson 2 ​ nd ​ Grade: Jessica Nelson 4 ​ th ​ Grade: Parys Lightel & Lori Roper Achievement Coach: Amy Nelson

Assessment Multiple assessments throughout the year help teachers to modify and adjust instruction in order to meet the needs of each individual student. Literacy DIBELS Oral Reading Fluency ​ tests fluency (the pace a student can read with ease). Other early literacy benchmark assessments will be administered in Kindergarten and 1 ​ st ​ grade. SRI- ​ ​ (Grades 4-5) ​ The ​ Scholastic Reading Inventory ​ is a computerized comprehension assessment tool that assesses student reading levels and monitors student progress. Students read a variety of passages and answer questions to demonstrate comprehension skills. Teachers use these results as an additional point of data to assure that students are accurately assessed. Mathematics DIBELS Math Assessments ​ indicates accuracy and fluency in mathematical computation. Teachers assess students regularly in order to inform instruction and meet individual student needs. Standardized Tests A standardized test is a test administered and scored in a consistent manner in order to eliminate unexpected variables. These scores can then be compared accurately with other populations across the state, and throughout the nation. End of Level RISE Tests - ​ (Grades 3-6) ​ Each spring, students take a series of criterion-referenced tests to evaluate and assess their learning throughout the year. Students are tested on standards and objectives from the Utah State Core Curriculum in Language Arts, Math and Science. RISE replaces SAGE this year. For more information, follow the link below. https://www.schools.utah.gov/assessment/assessments ​ (Select the RISE tab.) Report Cards/Conferences Parent/Teacher Conferences are scheduled for ​ September 25 ​ th ​ -26 ​ th ​ , 2019 and February 26 ​ th ​ & 27 ​ th ​ , 2020. You will receive more information about scheduling a time to meet with your child’s teacher. Report Cards will be sent home at the end of each term.


Butler Elementary Family Handbook 2019-2020

Special Programs Butler offers many special programs in order to meet the needs of all students.

French Dual Language Immersion The dual language immersion program at Butler Elementary School follows the Utah State Dual Language Immersion Model in which the day is divided between two high-quality classrooms for fifty percent of the instructional time. In this fifty-fifty model, students spend half of their school day in the target language and the other half-day in English. All state-sponsored programs are required to use two teachers, one who instructs exclusively in the target language for half of the day and a second teacher who teaches exclusively in English the other half of the day. Teamwork is essential to the successful implementation of the program. Our program begins in first grade. Placement in the program is done through a lottery process. For more information on the web at http://csdworldlanguage.weebly.com/elementary-dual-language-immersion.html Brain Boosters Students attend three out of four special classes each week including Visual Arts (1 hour), STEM Science,Technology, Engineering & Math or STEM (1hour), PlayWorks (30 minutes) and Library (30 minutes). Students attend Brain Boosters two days per week on either Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. Library Media Center Butler has a fully staffed library ​ . ​ Students have the opportunity to use the Library with their class about once a week and may also make arrangements with their teachers to use the library during appropriate times throughout the week. Computer Labs Butler Elementary operates as a “one-to-one” school. This means that we have one computing device for every student. These include MacBook, iPads and Chromebooks. All classrooms are appointed with digital projection and audio enhancement. Special Education Services Students who qualify for special education services have academic, physical, and/or emotional needs that require specialized learning programs. The special education staff works closely with parents and classroom teachers to identify, test, and develop programs to meet the individual needs of students. If you have concerns about your child’s progress, please speak with the classroom teacher. Speech and Language Services Our speech therapist provides services for all qualified students from preschool through fifth grade in the areas of articulation, language, voice, and fluency. If you feel your child may qualify for services, please contact the school.


Butler Elementary Family Handbook 2019-2020

Reading Intervention Throughout the year, teachers assess students’ reading ability and progress. Based on these literacy assessments, teachers may determine that students will benefit from additional support. The reading intervention program offers supplementary, individual, and small group instruction in reading and early literacy for students needing additional instruction. Our School Community Council has approved the use of our annual LandTrust funds from the state to operate our reading intervention delivery system in all grades. Reading paraprofessionals are “pushed in” to every classroom every day. They provide targeted interventions Reading and Language Arts. Students rotate in small groups to each of these aides as well as their teacher for skills-based instruction. Student Council The student council has the specific task of exemplifying positive academic and social behavior, providing service to the school community and promoting Bobcat Pride (school spirit). Council members will have the opportunity to attend a special student leadership conference with schools from across the state. This conference is held in the Fall at Brigham Young University and is sponsored by the Utah Association of Elementary School Principals. Fourth and fifth graders have the opportunity to serve on the Butler Elementary School Student Council. Students will be selected for the council through an application process. In addition to completing an application, each applicant is required to turn in a persuasive essay describing why they would make a good council member. Fifth graders will turn in a 4-5 paragraph essay. Fourth graders will turn in a 3-4 paragraph essay. The essay must be written by the student with limited input from parents. It should be representative of the kind of writing and thinking the student can do on his or her own. Council applicants should sight examples of their leadership skills, responsibility and exemplary behavior. In addition, teacher recommendations play a very large part in selecting council members. Based on those recommendations, the student essays Mr. Nalwalker will make the final selection based on the finalist’s leadership potential and ability to be an exceptional example of what is expected of every student at Butler.


Butler Elementary Family Handbook 2019-2020

Be Involved at Butler Schools are a reflection of their community. We encourage parents and guardians to choose to become involved in the life of Butler Elementary School. You are crucial to the outstanding success of our program. It is through the efforts of parents and guardians that the educational program at Butler is greatly enriched. There are many opportunities for parents to join this dynamic community.

“Parents With a Purpose” Volunteer Policy Statement Your example sets the tone for everyone.

● Canyons School District has established procedures to adhere to a Utah law requiring districts to screen prospective volunteers. It is now required that volunteers ​ apply annually ​ to participate with students under the direction of the classroom teacher. All volunteers in schools, including members of the PTA and School Community Council, need to complete the form and submit on the ​ Canyons District Website ​ . ● In order to account for everyone in the building at all times, Canyons District Policy requires all volunteers (and visitors) to check in at the office, providing all information requested on the sign-in computer. Badges must be worn while in the building. Volunteer hours will be totaled and sent to the district office and Utah PTA. ● Parents will sign in electronically and receive a custom sticker/badge to wear. ● The faculty workroom has dangerous and expensive equipment that is not meant for children. Please do not allow children to be in the workroom, ​ even if accompanied by an adult ​ . ● Before and after your scheduled volunteer time, or after your purpose for being in the building has been completed, please respect learning and teaching time. Remember, classes are in session. Teachers appreciate your efforts to hold conversations in a manner that does not disturb the class. During the day, although they are busy, teachers may feel obliged to visit or respond to questions out of politeness, even though it may not be in the best interest of the entire class. Teachers enjoy visiting with parents and strengthening partnerships. Ask them if before or after school works best. ● We believe that titles show respect and are appropriate in a school setting. When in the presence of students, please address other adults by using the titles of Mr. and Mrs./Ms., even for parents and grandparents. ● While volunteering at school, you might hear or see things that should not be shared with other parents or discussed in the presence of your (or any one’s) student. When working with students, you have a responsibility to keep things confidential. Please be sensitive to this issue. ● Butler recognizes the tremendous efforts that our volunteers make to help our students achieve the highest levels of success. Thank you!


Butler Elementary Family Handbook 2019-2020

Room Representative (Room Mom, Dad or Grandparent, etc.) Each class needs a room representative. Please talk to your child’s teacher if you are interested. It is a great way to get to know the community, your child’s teacher, and to be involved with your child’s education. As a room parent, you will coordinate help from other parents in your child’s classroom. You are not expected to do everything yourself! Many Butler parents are eager to help with small jobs. As a room representative, you will: ● Communicate with your teacher and your classroom’s parents about needs that are specific to your child’s class and be the liaison between the PTA and your classroom about important fundraising events and school activities. ● Organize parent help from your class for school fundraisers, special events, field trips, parties, and special classroom projects. Parents in the Classroom Many teachers ask for parent help in a variety of ways: work with small groups of children, share a part of your culture, or help with special projects or paperwork. Contact your child’s teacher if you are interested in helping out. *Teachers run their classrooms very differently. Please do not be offended if your child’s teacher does not seek help from parents in his/her classroom. I encourage you to encourage them to share the load with you. Butler PTA We encourage all parents and grandparents to join the Butler PTA. The nominal membership fee per person not only helps to fund our program; it also gives you voting rights regarding PTA matters (voting occurs at General PTA meetings which are 3 times/year.) ​ Being a member of the PTA does not require any time commitments ​ . However, we have many programs that simply need a few extra hands, which we would solicit through an e-mail volunteer list. Butler PTA provides the following services: Volunteer coordination and recognition, newsletter, Bobcat Awards (2x per year), assemblies, teacher appreciation activities, student recognition, Reflections program, book fairs, health information, hearing and vision screening, and more! If you have any questions or comments for the PTA, please contact our 2019-2020 PTA President: Kat Haymond: School Community Council (More info ​ HERE ​ on our school webpage) The School Community Council consists of elected parents or guardians of students who attend the school, elected school employees, and the school principal. All parents of students attending Butler Elementary are encouraged to participate. The council meets at least four times during the school year and participates in the development of a school improvement plan designed to improve student achievement. If you would like to participate in the Butler Elementary School Community Council, please contact the main office. Canyons Board of Education Many important decisions that affect Butler are made at the district level. The Canyons Board of Education meets monthly and parents are encouraged to attend. Up to date information can be found ​ HERE ​ on the Canyons District webpage. 11

Butler Elementary Family Handbook 2019-2020

Fundraisers and Events Canyons District Policy allows both the PTA and the School to do one fundraiser each during the year. Funds raised each school year support programs, provide classroom supplies, and help to upgrade technology throughout the building, keeping our school current and up to date. In addition to these fundraisers, we are also grateful for the partnerships that we have with local businesses in the community. Box Tops for Education (PTA) Did you know that Butler earns 10¢ for every Box Top for Education that you bring in? Sadly, many box tops get thrown in the garbage… That’s like throwing away money!!! Help our school by sending Box Tops in with your child. Don’t forget to recruit your family and friends too! PTA Fundraiser The PTA will be conducting a fundraiser this fall (first two weeks of September). Please keep an eye out for more information as soon as it is available. School Fundraiser: Mathathon Each Spring, the school holds a fundraiser to raise money for field trips and to support our 1:1 technology initiative replacement cycle. The students in grades K-5 will complete 100 math problems appropriate for their grade level during the week. Every child will have the opportunity to correct any mistakes before turning in the assignments, allowing all students to achieve 100%. Students are encouraged to gather pledges from family and friends based on the amount of math problems they get correct on the Math-A-Thon test. The pledges can be of any amount, from $.01 to $100 -- exceptions will be made for even higher donations ; ) School Charity Fundraiser Sponsored by the Butler Student Council The Butler Elementary Student Council may sponsor one charity fundraiser per year. The council will research and select a charity that they are interested in supporting. This fundraiser will take place sometime in January or February.


Butler Elementary Family Handbook 2019-2020

Nutrition and Health Butler promotes healthy lifestyles through physical education, good nutrition, and health education. We encourage children to eat a good breakfast and lunch that includes a protein, grain, milk, and fruit, and to engage in activities after school that provide movement and exercise. School Lunch Students may bring their own lunch from home or choose one of three menu options at school. The cost of school lunch is $1.75 for students and $3.00 for adults. The reduced rate is $.40, for those who qualify. We want all children to enjoy a good meal during lunchtime. If for any reason you find yourself unable to provide this for your child, please call the office and ask for assistance. Candy, cookies, cupcakes, and other treats are welcome only for celebrating special occasions. All food items must be store bought or prepared by a professional who has a current Food Handler’s Permit. Please talk to your child’s teacher about their class treat policy. Let them know beforehand if you are planning to bring in a special treat. *Student birthday invitations should ​ not ​ be handed out at school. Medication Utah law (53A-11-01) requires that schools can only administer prescription and non-prescription medications under the following guidelines: The request for Giving Medication at School form be filled out and signed by the child’s ​ parent & physician ​ . This pertains to non-prescription as well as prescription drugs. The parent will need to bring the medication to the office to be signed in as needed. The parent/prescriber's statement must be resubmitted at the beginning of each school year and as medication is prescribed or changed. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the main office. Click ​ HERE ​ to view the weekly lunch menu. Click ​ HERE ​ to pay for school lunch online. Click ​ HERE ​ to apply for free or reduced-price lunch. Birthdays and Party Snacks


Butler Elementary Family Handbook 2019-2020

Student Conduct As part of our school community, our students are expected to be caring and respectful of themselves, of each other, and of their school and its property. Please read the following section with your student and discuss the ideas and rules. ​ It is very important to tell your student that YOU expect him/her to follow

these rules! Attendance

● Regular attendance is the keystone to academic success. ● Students should arrive on campus between 8:10-8:25 am.

● The first bell rings at 8:20 am. School begins at 8:25 am. PM Kinder. 12:15 and 12:20. ● For safety reasons, please do not plan for your children to arrive before 8:10. Teachers are planning for the day and are not available to supervise students. ​ There is no outside supervision until 8:10! ● In inclement weather, doors will be open at 8:10 am. ● Call the Attendance Hotline (826-7975) to leave a message if your child will be absent. ● You will be notified if your child is tardy five times. Please help your child develop good arrival time habits early. ● If your child will be out two or more days, contact the teacher for make-up work. ● Please help your child attend school regularly. Absences should be for sickness or emergencies. Please do everything you can to minimize early checkouts. ● Clothing should be clean, neat, and in proper repair. ● Shorts & skirts should reach mid-thigh ​ when seated ​ . ● No bare shoulders, bare midriff tops, or tank tops or spaghetti straps. ● Footwear should be designed for active outdoor play. ● Hats are not to be worn. ● Gang-related clothing of any kind is not allowed. ● T-shirts depicting violence, use of drugs, alcohol, or other inappropriate slogans are not allowed. ● Tight fitting or revealing shorts, pants, tights, or leotards should not be worn. ● Students should wear appropriate clothes for the weather each day. School Rules We have three school rules at Butler. They are: Be responsible, be kind and be safe. At the beginning of the year, students are explicitly taught what these rules look like in all areas of the school. The rules are reviewed regularly and retaught as needed. Dress Code

Safety Before and After School ● Enter and exit through grade level doors only. ● Use sidewalks and crosswalks- No shortcuts.

● Stop, look, and listen before crossing or entering parking lots. ● Remember, it takes much longer for cars to stop than people. ● Follow parking lot procedures as a pedestrian and passenger. ● Going to and from school, students are required to stay on sidewalks and off of private property. ● After dismissal, students should leave school immediately and begin walking home.


Butler Elementary Family Handbook 2019-2020

Bicycles/Skateboards/Rollerblades/Scooters/ etc. ● Bicycles may be ridden to school and locked up in the bike rack. ● Walk your wheels while on school property. It helps when parents and family obey this rule too. ● Skateboards and scooters are allowed but must be carried on school property. ● Butler cannot assume responsibility for lost or stolen bicycles, skateboards, scooters, etc. Severe Behavior Policy ● Dangerous behavior/fighting may result in suspension or exclusion. ● Persistent behavior problems may result in suspension or exclusion. ● Possession, control, or actual or threatened use of a real weapon, explosive, or noxious or flammable material. ● Actual or threatened use of a look-alike weapon with intent to intimidate another person or to disrupt normal school activities. ● Sale, control, or distribution of a drug or controlled substance, an imitation substance, or drug paraphernalia. ● An act involving force or threatened use of force which if committed would be a felony or class A misdemeanor. ● For more details, please read ​ Canyons District Policy: Discipline of Students ​ carefully. Behavior that puts other students in danger will not be tolerated. ​ District Policy Discipline Procedures A problem-solving approach will be used with discipline problems. The following steps will be used with most problems. 1. First Offense ​ : Discuss the problem with the classroom teacher and use a problem-solving approach to solve the situation. If the problem is serious enough, it may be referred to the principal 2. Second Offense ​ : Discuss the problem with the principal and use a problem-solving approach to solve the problem. Parents may be contacted. 3. Third Offense ​ : Call the parents and discuss the situation so that a solution is found to correct the problem. A Parent Conference with the teacher and/or principal may occur.

With serious offenses, parents will be contacted on the first and second offense so as to keep communications open and to reach a quick resolution.

Dress Code Discipline/Consequences Parents will be contacted. Students that fail to comply with the dress code after a warning may be required to call home for appropriate clothing. Further action may be taken for habitual offenders.


Butler Elementary Family Handbook 2019-2020

Butler School Policies The following policies have been created to help students attain the highest level of academic success and to keep each child at Butler as safe as possible. Parents, please help your child by being an example and following all of the rules as outlined below. Attendance School attendance is very important because every absence from school interferes with your child’s opportunity to learn. Once a student gets behind in classroom work, it gets harder and harder to get caught up. If there are circumstances prohibiting your child from attending school regularly, please contact us to discuss these concerns. To report an absence, please call the 24-hour attendance hotline as soon as possible. 24-Hour Attendance Hotline: (801) 826-7975 then press 1 For more information about attendance, please refer to the ​ Elementary Attendance Policy ​ located in the back of the handbook. Safe Arrival Because there is limited supervision before school, please do not send or drop off your child early. The school grounds are not supervised until 8:10. Students should walk only on sidewalks and cross streets only at designated crosswalks. For more information about Safe Arrival, please refer to the ​ Butler Elementary Safe Walking Route located in the back of the handbook. Loading/Unloading Adults are setting lifelong examples for the children at Butler Elementary. Sometimes we tend to take risks that could endanger our kids, ​ especially if we are running behind schedule ​ . Because so many of our students are dropped off in the morning, please allow for plenty of time to wait patiently in the drop off lane until your vehicle is safely stopped in the drop off zone. For the safety and well-being of ​ all ​ students, families and students are to adhere to the Butler ​ Elementary Parking Lot and Loading/Unloading Procedures ​ located in the back of the handbook. Late Arrival Students are expected to arrive at school on time. Late arrivals slow down not only your student’s learning, but also interrupt the rest of the class and the teacher. If your student arrives after 8:30, he/she must check in at the office before going to class. Students arriving after 8:25 will be marked tardy by their teacher. ​ After five tardies, you should be contacted by your child’s teacher with a note or a phone call.


Butler Elementary Family Handbook 2019-2020

School Day Appointments If your child has an appointment during school hours, please sign him/her out in the office. The office staff will call your student down to the office. For safety reasons, we will not release a child to anyone who has not been included on the student’s registration card. Unless the appointment takes the entire school day, students are expected to attend class before and after their appointment. ​ When checking out early, we are unable to send students out to waiting cars. A parent or guardian must come inside to sign their student out. Lost and Found Please write your student’s name in ALL clothing and accessories with a permanent marker. We encourage students to be personally responsible for their possessions. Students should check the Lost and Found, in the hallway near the gym, for clothing and lunchboxes. Lost and found for small items (rings, watches, etc.) is in the office. At regular intervals throughout the year, all unclaimed items are donated to charity. Notice will be posted at Lost and Found and in the school newsletter. Visitors Family and community members are welcomed and encouraged to participate in school activities, but please arrange volunteer participation in advance. ​ REMEMBER: ALL VOLUNTEERS MUST BE SCREENED ANNUALLY! ​ ​ For the safety of our students, ​ ​ ALL visitors must sign in at the office and wear a Visitors Badge ​ . Unidentified visitors are not allowed on campus. Older siblings in middle school and high are not allowed in the building without express written consent and prior arrangements with licensed staff. Moving If you anticipate a move to another school or district, please inform the school office as soon as possible so that we may assist with making the transition as smooth as possible for your child. Emergency Preparedness It is very important that teachers and staff have your current home, cell, and/or work phone numbers and at least two alternative emergency phone numbers of family, friends or neighbors who will take responsibility for your child if we cannot reach you. This information is confidential. Make sure your child memorizes your phone number for their own safety. ​ If you move or change contact information, please call the school to update emergency contact information. Phone Use While students are welcome to bring cell phones to school, they are not permitted to use them during school hours, including recess. Cell phones are to be turned off and stored in backpacks when students enter the building in the morning and left off until they are dismissed. In the event that a student does not follow this rule, their phone will be taken away and a parent will be asked to come and pick it up. Butler is not responsible for any loss or damage of cell phones or other personal property belonging to students.

Please make arrangements for afterschool plans before arriving at school each day.


Butler Elementary Family Handbook 2019-2020

Additional School and District Policies & Guidelines


Butler Elementary Family Handbook 2019-2020

Butler Elementary Safe Walking Route For the safety and well-being of ​ all ​ students; families and students are to adhere to the following: The safe route map (next page) shows the suggested safe walking routes for Butler Elementary students who walk to school. Arrows depicting walking routes are shown. Please note the following: 1. Students should use existing sidewalks whenever possible. 2. On streets without sidewalks, students should walk on the left side of the street facing oncoming traffic. 3. Our safe routes include two adult crossing guards located at the corner of Ft. Union Blvd. and 2700 East as well as another crossing guard at the corner of 7115 South and 2700 East. Generally, they are on duty one-half hour before and after school begins and again for one-half hour before and after school ends. This includes early-out days. 4. Make your way to a green route on the map below and select the best walking route to school from your home. You may become familiar with the route by walking the route with your child. Your child should follow this route daily. Please instruct your child to observe crosswalks and signs. 5. Children who ride bikes must ride on the right-hand side of the road and never in the middle! When possible, they should cross at intersections where there are adult crossing guards stationed, and they should always ​ walk ​ their bikes across the street. Please train them to be cautious on all streets and intersections where there is no adult supervision. All students are strongly encouraged to wear bike helmets when riding bikes. 6. All students should remember to go straight home from school. Do not talk to, take candy or gifts, or get into the cars of strangers. Any strange behavior should be reported to school staff and/or parents. 7. If you learn of any safety problems or route deficiencies, please report them to the school immediately at 801-826-7975. Thank you for your help with this important issue.


Butler Elementary Family Handbook 2019-2020


Butler Elementary Family Handbook 2019-2020

Butler Elementary Parking Lot and Loading/Unloading Procedures Adults are setting lifelong examples for the children at Butler Elementary. Sometimes we tend to take risks that could endanger our kids, ​ especially if we are running behind schedule ​ . For the safety and well-being of ​ all ​ students; families and students are to adhere to the following: 1. Students must always use the crosswalk. They should not walk unaccompanied anywhere else in the parking lot. 2. All students, families and adults should ​ follow the directions ​ of the crossing guards, student safety patrol, and staff. 3. All students, families and adults should ​ obey traffic signs ​ . 4. DO NOT TALK OR TEXT ON CELL PHONES! ​ CHILDRENS LIVES ARE DEPENDING UPON YOUR CAUTION AND ATTENTIVENESS! 5. In the pick-up and drop-off lane, ​ drivers must remain ​ in ​ the car ​ . All students should enter or exit the vehicle at the curbside, in the unloading/loading zone. No vehicle doors should open on the driver’s side of the vehicle. 6. If a child is not able to get out of the vehicle by his/herself, the driver must park in a marked stall and walk the child through the crosswalk to the sidewalk. 7. Bicycles, skates, blades, scooters, etc, must be ​ walked ​ on all school property. 8. Please pull forward as far as possible along the curb all the way to south end of the pick-up / drop-off zone. 9. When waiting to pick up students after school, please pull all the forward. ​ There should not be gaps between cars. 10. Please make sure that your children are ​ ready ​ to exit the car ​ ​ before ​ they come to the unloading area. There should be no delay in exiting the vehicle once the car comes to a stop. 11. Children are only allowed to enter/exit a vehicle along the marked/indicated loading zone.


Butler Elementary Family Handbook 2019-2020

Pick-up & Drop-off Procedures

We ask that you please be courteous and follow the directions of school staff and safety patrol. Our number one concern is student safety. The life of a single child is worth the ten minutes it might take to follow the rules and wait patiently for your turn. Thank you!


Butler Elementary Family Handbook 2019-2020

Building and Grounds Security

Securing the Building

REMEMBER: ALL VOLUNTEERS MUST BE SCREENED ANNUALLY! ​ ​ For the safety of our students, ALL visitors must sign in at the office and wear a Visitors Badge ​ . Unidentified visitors are not allowed on campus (In the building or on the playground). Older siblings in middle school and high are not allowed in the building without express written consent and prior arrangements by phone or email with licensed staff. During the 2017-18 school year, our school safety committee evaluated opportunities to improve security for all students and employees. As a result of this survey we have decided that all outside doors will be locked at all times, including in the morning immediately before school starts. ​ Previously, the grade level doors have been locked at all times except for approximately 5 minutes following the tardy bell. ​ This will no longer be the case. Any student that does not enter with their teacher and the rest of the class will need to go around to the front of the building and enter through the office. Only students should enter the building through the grade-level doors at the back of the school. ​ As always ​ , ​ all adults must check in at the office before entering the halls or classrooms ​ . Adults may not enter the school through any of the back doors. This includes when bringing a birthday treat in the morning. This also includes in-days when students are invited to wait in the vestibules outside their classrooms. Securing the Grounds Please help us to keep our students safe! In order to maintain positive control and awareness of all adult visitors to campus, we ask that parents do not gather on the playground before the dismissal bell rings at 3:00. Please understand that the playground is an extension of the classroom and the building. It is just as important that we control access during school hours the same way we do in the building. Controlling access to the playground as well as the building helps us keep all students safe. Keep in mind that virtually every school has students with special safety needs related to custody issues or restraining orders. We do our best to protect students in those difficult circumstances. We often have recess on the playground right up to the final bell so we do not allow preschoolers on the playground and equipment during school hours. Having preschoolers on the playground at the same time as big kids is also a safety hazard. Remember to wait in front of the school until after the dismissal rings at 3:00. I also want to request that you be courteous and understanding of all staff and faculty members if they direct you to follow any of our school rules, policies or procedures. We are all setting an example for the children. Thank you for understanding our position and supporting our efforts to keep everyone safe! Thank you in advance for helping us keep the school safe. As is often the case (think airports), increasing safety can have a negative effect on convenience. It is one of the unfortunate sacrifices of modern times.


Butler Elementary Family Handbook 2019-2020

2019-20 Calendar


Butler Elementary Family Handbook 2019-2020

District and School Attendance Procedures Compulsory Education ​ is what we call school non-attendance for kids ​ ages 6-12 ​ . The law allows us to “direct” (require) the student (through his or her parents) to meet with school administrators to discuss the reason the student is not attending school and also to cooperate with the school district to ensure regular attendance. The law says we must inform the parents that it is a Class B Misdemeanor for the parent to intentionally or recklessly fail to make sure their child attends school.

These are the steps followed at CSD schools to ensure regular school attendance:

1. Compulsory Education Letter was signed electronically during online registration.

2. Under Canyons District Policy, AA432, legitimate absences are defined as: verified illness, medical appointments, bereavement, court appearances, emergencies, preapproved educational leave, and special family or religious events.

3. After 3rd-5th unexcused days, school administration will document in Skyward first level of intervention and principal will meet with parents/guardians.

4. Upon an additional 2 days (6th-8th) unexcused absences, school administration will document in Skyward mailing the ​ attendance letter #1. 5. Upon the 9th-11th unexcused absence, school administration will document in Skyward mailing the ​ attendance letter #2. 6. Upon the 12th unexcused absence, school administration will refer the case to the District Truancy Specialist.

For questions please contact the school or contact: Suzanne Ren Truancy Specialist Department of School Accountability and Performance Office: 801-826-5072 Fax: 801-826-5137 suzanne.ren@canyonsdistrict.org ​


Butler Elementary Family Handbook 2019-2020

Environmental Requests In the spring of each year, we address the educational concerns that affect classroom placement for the coming year. We carefully look at each child’s individual needs. When we assemble classes, we strive to make them balanced. Each grade level team spends a considerable amount of time and care in preparing the class lists. The primary goal is placing children in the best instructional environment possible. Several factors are considered as we form classroom groups, including but not limited to the following:

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Range of academic performance.

Range of social and behavioral performance.

Balance of boys and girls.

Balance of independent and dependent workers.

Balance of special needs.

Separation of students who may not work well together.

“Classroom chemistry” has a tremendous effect on the success of each student. Because of this, we strive to create groups of students that are balanced in every area possible. By the time we put together class lists for the coming year, our teachers will have spent nearly 1000 hours with our students this in an academic setting. We are all concerned that each student continues to grow and achieve to the best of their ability in the best atmosphere possible. Environmental request forms will be available to parents in the office mid to late March. ​ Filling out this form should be the exception rather than the rule. ​ This form should only be filled out if a parent feels there are circumstances regarding their child, which require special consideration ​ and which the teachers or principal may not be aware. ​ This process is available to provide parents with the opportunity, if needed, to give us input about your child and the educational setting you believe would suit him/her best. ​ We expect that most parents will not feel the need to fill out this form. We know that each member of our staff is fully capable of meeting a wide range of educational needs. If you feel you have concerns that cannot be addressed by this process, you may make an appointment to meet with the principal. Forms must be picked up in the office ​ by a parent ​ , and ​ returned by the due date listed. ​ We may not be able to consider requests turned in later than that.

We appreciate your trust and support in our efforts to make your child’s learning experience successful and happy.


Butler Building Leadership Team


Butler Elementary Family Handbook 2019-2020

Butler Elementary School Emergency Procedures Guidelines for parents to follow in case of a school emergency

Butler is committed to providing a safe environment for students, staff, parents and visitors. We work closely with district and local safety officials – ​ police, fire, emergency medical services, and public health – in order to ensure our school is well prepared for an emergency. We have developed procedures that serve as a guide to help staff and our public safety partners respond swiftly should a crisis occur at our school.

As a parent, how can you prepare for a school emergency?

● Provide accurate emergency contact information (including email) to office and notify the school if this information changes. ● Tuning in to local television and radio stations for news alerts During an emergency, we can anticipate that phone lines into the affected school(s) may be blocked. In order not to interfere with emergency responders, we ask that parents wait to receive important information from school officials ​ before ​ going to the school or scene of an emergency. You can be confident that accurate and timely information will be released to parents, the public, and the media during any emergency incident via the Canyons District Communication Department. What is ​ Lockdown and Shelter in place ​ and how will I know if a school is in ​ a Lockdown or Shelter in place? “ ​ Lockdown ​ ” is a common school security practice used to secure a building. It will be implemented in the event of a campus emergency or crisis that requires students and staff to seek safety within the building. During this type of emergency, the safest place for students is locked securely in their classrooms inside the school building. All outside doors and all classroom doors will be locked if the school is in Lockdown. During a Lockdown, ​ no one ​ except uniformed law enforcement will be allowed to enter the building. ​ This means that parents will not be admitted and students will not be released to parents while the school is under Lockdown. ​ No one will leave the building unless under the direction of emergency responders or until after local authorities give the all clear. As the situation demands, the school may be put under a “ ​ Shelter-in-Place ​ ” order. This procedure is used in the event that a threat is possible, but not imminent. All students will be brought inside. All outside doors will be locked if the school is in Shelter-in-Place. Classes and movement within the school will carry on as usual with the exception that no students or staff will be permitted to leave the building. As in a Lockdown, ​ no one ​ except uniformed law enforcement will be allowed to enter the building. ​ This means that parents will not be admitted and students will not be released to parents while the school is under a Shelter-in-Place. What will my child experience during a Lockdown or Shelter-in-Place? ​ ​ A Lockdown or Shelter-in-Place begins with an announcement instructing all students to either remain in the building and/or remain in the room that they are in or immediately enter the nearest classroom which is manned by a staff member. During a Lockdown, students remain in their locked classrooms while authorities secure the school. During a Shelter-in-Place, students carry on activities inside the school while all students and staff are required to stay inside the building. When authorities are confident the building is secure, an all ​-​ clear announcement will be made.


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