CTESS ebook

Secondary (6-12) Student Survey •

Administered in Grades 6 to 12

Twenty-five (25) items

• Students rate each item by selecting from one of four response choices: • Strongly Agree, Somewhat Agree, Somewhat Disagree, Strongly Disagree • Completion time: Under 15 minutes • Available in English and Spanish • Readability • Flesch-Kincaid Readability Level: 6.1 (Grade Level) • Lexile: 770 The content of the Secondary Student Survey covers five CTESS standards including: Classroom PBIS, Student Engagement, Feedback, Cognitive Rigor, and Scaffolding.

Secondary Survey Items

CTESS Standard

My teacher treats all students in this class with respect.

Standard 1: Classroom PBIS

My teacher walks around the room to check on students when we are doing work in class. My teacher knows how to get students to behave appropriately in class. My teacher provides students with meaningful activities throughout the class period, so that no time is wasted. My teacher tells us about the learning intentions and success criteria of the day.

Standard 5: Student Engagement

My teacher ties new lessons to things we have already learned.

My teacher is good at explaining things.

My teacher encourages all students to participate, not just those who raise their hand. My teacher makes learning interesting.

My teacher checks to make sure I understand.

Standard 6: Feedback

My teacher helps us learn from our mistakes.

My teacher gives me helpful comments (or feedback) on my work.

In this class, my teacher connects what we are learning to the real world.

Standard 7: Cognitive Rigor

My teacher helps me understand why the things we are learning in class are important. My teacher asks me to explain how I come up with my answers. If someone does not understand something, my teacher explains it in another way.

Standard 9:


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